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Multifunction tool for ECU programming and diagnostics on CAN, LIN and K-line buses

CAR.linK is the compact solution for ECU communication, OBD-II compliant. CAR.linK is the “onebox” solution: a portable instrument with Ethernet connection to the PC and all the interfaces for ECU diagnostic, reprogramming either on board or in laboratory.
- External power supply 220Vac- 12Vdc
- Car lighter plug for in vehicle operations
- CAN, LIN e K-line buses integrated in one instrument
- Programmable terminator resistor insertion (120 Ohm) for C-CAN bus
- ECU supply with 2 signals for +30 (battery) and +15 (key)
- Software synchronization between communication buses and ECU supply
- Trigger Out pulse on specific CAN Message for synchronization with DAQ systems
- Suitable for OBD-II connection

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